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Assuming that it’ll be a while before most browsers attempt to implement most of HTML 5 (a perfectly reasonable assumption) we need to start thinking of ways to tackle the creation and rendering of HTML 5 components in the meantime. Obviously, using the tools of JavaScript and CSS a lot can be accomplished.

<style>blah { color: red; }</style>

“Using some basic CSS, and a single JavaScript DOM statement, we’ve now implemented at least part of the HTML 5 spec. While it won’t solve everything, it is a promising technique, at the very least.”

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2 thoughts on “HTML5 And Internet Explorer 7 Hacks

  1. What does CSS mean? I mean the letters,

    and what do you think the best tool to use for designing a website? the designer I had for a website I work on said he is using PHP, is it a language or what?
    I am sorry but I am really an ignorant about those things, I am trying to learn but I am away late,
    Thank you very much for letting me coming here and ask you and learn things from you,


  2. CSS is Cascading Style Sheets, meaning the style (colours, fonts, styles in general) are separate from HTML content.

    PHP is PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, and it’s a programming language, connecting HTML with MySQL databases.

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