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I have just released beta1 version of ImagePress 5!

New features include overhauled profile pages, notifications and improved image handling. While some of these features may not work as expected, I will release a new beta version weekly, based on client feedback and bug reports.

If you upgrade from an older 4.x version, keep in mind that the lightbox feature and the slider are no longer available.

The purpose of this plugin was to showcase an image grid, and link it to a custom post type template page. Opening the image in a lightbox would defeat the purpose. The option to open the image only is still there, so any third-party lightbox plugin would do the job. There is no integrated lightbox, which makes the plugin lighter.

The slider used an old jQuery UI Widgets code in addition to its own jQuery functions. Again, few users would use this module, as the animation wasn’t in line with the new CSS3 specifications and hardware-accelerated animations.

Update #1

Beta2 has been released on CodeCanyon and it fixes 2 bugs:

= 5.0-beta2 =

* FIX: Renamed the secondary upload function
* FIX: Fixed the PHP context error

Update #2

Beta3 has been released on CodeCanyon and it fixes 6 bugs:

= 5.0-beta3 =

* IMPROVEMENT: Removed a link title from the users screen (images column)
* IMPROVEMENT: Removed an unused global variable ($wp_roles)
* IMPROVEMENT: Added image details and related posters as a function (see updated single-image.php)
* IMPROVEMENT: Removed ‘cinnamon_card_hover’ option
* IMPROVEMENT: Added more labels (notification related)
* FIX: Removed a deprecated call to “caller_get_posts”
* FIX: Added missing default labels for the voting module
* FIX: Added missing default labels for the notifications module
* FIX: Fixed image editing mode discarding current featured image
* FIX: Fixed new image addition notification
* FIX: Fixed duplicate notifications
* FEATURE: Added sorting and filtering for author cards (default onclick sorting is DESC)
* I18N: Added more translated strings

Update #3


5.1 has been released on CodeCanyon. Read more.

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