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ImagePress 5.2 has been released. This version marks the beginning of an intensive bug scrub process and regrouping of all backend options. As the version increased from 4.x to 5.x, lots of options and switches were added, and, while some of them can be grouped, other can be completely removed.

I have planned several improvements for future versions, possibly 6.0, such as email notifications, private messaging, custom widgets and sections and theming.

= 5.2 =

* FIX: Fixed deprecated argument WP_User->id()
* FIX: Fixed deprecated get_postdata()
* FIX: Removed all console errors
* FIX: Fixed custom code for Critique/WIP icons
* IMPROVEMENT: Added “Image uploaded” and “Click here to view your image” as configurable labels
* IMPROVEMENT: Allowed imagepress.css to take precedence
* IMPROVEMENT: Added thumbnail for backend tables

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