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Our ImagePress plugin has been updated to version 6. It’s been in development for almost 3 months, and it now features some great additions, all behind the scenes. It’s faster, more robust and fixes many login/registration issues.

UPDATE: Version 6.0.3 has been released, fixing several conflicts!

= 6.0.3 =
* FIX: Renamed several functions to prevent conflicts
* FIX: Removed an unused function
* FIX: Removed an unused shortcode
* FIX: Fixed a value being both string and integer
* UPDATE: Updated custom post types and taxonomies registration arguments/parameters
* UPDATE: Various UI fixes and improvements

What’s new inĀ 6.0.2

  • FEATURE: Added upload limit per user role and username with a global fallback

This feature is very useful for limit-based communities, where users get assigned various roles based on their membership levels.

  • UPDATE: Improved PrettyPhoto compatibility

Lots of themes out there use the PrettyPhoto lightbox script, so we’ve added better compatibility at the flick of a switch.

  • FIX: Fixed search box being excluded from sorter

As part of our sorter refactoring, we included the search box in the sorter element.

  • FIX: Switched option loading to automatic

This is a huge performance improvement, as all ImagePress settings are loaded in one go.

The plugin is now fully featured on CGButterfly, a design community using WordPress and some of our plugins.

We are going to take a small break and work on ImagePress 7 next. The list of features and enhancements is available on GitHub. Expect some bug fixing updates in the following weeks. Get it from CodeCanyon!

Note: Version 6 is backwards compatible with version 5+.

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