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ImagePress 7.0.3 and Noir UI 5.0.3 have been released into the wild. Beware!

Based on customer feedback we have further improved performance and tweaked the plugin/theme bundle. This means whenever they are both installed and active, they perform better and they auto-detect hidden features.

Here’s a bonus hidden feature. If you have thousands of images and the gallery page is slow or unresponsive, try to limit it using this shortcode parameter:

[imagepress-show limit="4"]

Play with the limit value until you find the right combination for your site. If you need to show a very large number of images, consider splitting them into categories or different pages.

See updated WordPress dashboard screenshots below:

See the latest changelog below:

= 7.0.3/5.0.3 =

* FIX: Fixed author name missing link in single pages
* FIX: Removed preferred software user field
* FIX: Updated avatar filtering priority
* FEATURE: Added image title editing
* UPDATE: Updated image editor
* UPDATE: Removed Noir UI-specific upload button option
* UPDATE: Removed like action-specific labels

* NOIR UI FIX: Fixed untranslated strings
* NOIR UI UPDATE: Removed upload button from header
* NOIR UI UPDATE: Main menu UI changes and cleanup for better readability
* NOIR UI UPDATE: Relocated notifications and avatar to main menu bar
* NOIR UI UPDATE: Updated image sidebar and removed bloated content

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