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ImagePress 6.0 is getting closer and closer. I am considering adding some native features and make the plugin even more compatible with other themes and plugins.

I. The first feature I am considering is native login/registration. Instead of a shortcode, the login/registration window will use a customized core window. A basic settings panel will allow users to change the logo, the background, rename links and style the window based on their preferences. This would take the load off the current AJAX login module and would allow for:

  • native spam detection
  • third-party spam detection plugins
  • social login
  • customized user fields

After login/registration, users will be automatically redirected to their profile page. The WordPress dashboard will be unavailable (optional setting).

II. The second feature I am considering is native file upload. Instead of the current HTML5 one, the uploader will use modal window to upload (and, optionally, modify) one or more images. This would allow for:

  • native image resizing
  • native thumbnail generation
  • visible upload progress

As the modal window is overlaid, the uploader will function relatively similar.

III. The third feature I am considering is a better image grid for sites with many images. Less HTML code, less floats and a fresh flexbox grid model, coded from scratch. This would allow for:

  • even faster image rendering
  • basic/customizable grid styling

Other changes include various bug fixing, rewriting some functions and merging some sections. The user profile needs some love, as well.

The main challenge here, and one which should be tackled from the very beginning, is the content migration. As version 6 will be different – code-wise – than version 5, I need to make sure all upgrades go as smooth as possible.

As a side project, I need to put together some basic online documentation, as the included PDF is a bit behind.

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