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During the past weeks, I’ve been working with several Envato customers and personal clients to improve and add more CSS compatibility overrides for third-party themes and components.

If you’ve missed the past releases, here is the changelog:

= 5.5.2 =

* FIX: Renamed 4 functions to avoid conflict with TracPress
* FIX: Fixed misplaced redirection function on image upload
* FIX: Fixed missing values for redirection fields
* FIX: Fixed typo in ‘ip_upload_success_title’ option slug
* FIX: Fixed AJAX variable to avoid conflicts with third-party components
* FIX: Added fixes and overrides for many CSS declarations
* UPDATE: Updated pagination and filtering script and merged it with main JS engine
* IMPROVEMENT: Added CSS styles for smaller screens
* IMPROVEMENT: Added step 0.5 for image padding to allow for 1px image gap between images
* REFACTORING: Removed new update notification

= 5.5.1 =

* FEATURE: Added bulk uploader
* IMPROVEMENT: Removed the server-side file size client validation (the client-side one superseded it)

= 5.4.2 =

* FEATURE: Added new version notification for users missing the CodeCanyon notification
* FEATURE: Added “featured in collection” template tag
* UPDATE: Updated Spectrum to 1.7.0 (from 1.6.1)

If you update ImagePress using FTP, don’t forget to deactivate it and reactivate it after all files have been replaced, in order to activate the new options.

We’ve been improving the pagination system and made ImagePress 100% compatible with lazy loading plugins (feedback needed).

We’ve also improved a bit the uploader code and started refactoring the CSS. Version 6.0 will have a brand new stylesheet.

We’ve also been working towards a unified shortcode in order to eliminate the page template (single-image.php).

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