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Version 4.0-RC1 is live on CodeCanyon!

It’s been more than a week since we started our ImagePress Plugin Bundle campaign on Indiegogo. As you well know, the purpose is to merge ImagePress and Cinnamon Users plugin into an image publishing platform.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what the plugin will be able to do:

For easier maintenance, faster updates, reliable features and performance optimizations, we decided to merge ImagePress and Cinnamon Users. This would allow for faster feature implementation, more frequent updates and a more performant codebase.

Based on heavy use and alpha/beta testing on, we have identified the bottlenecks and we created a merge strategy.

  • We need coffee, cappuccino and dark mocha to continue working on these plugins.
  • Get early access to the plugin, and get a discount when purchasing the bundle.
  • Each contribution will be rewarded, so no funds will be lost if the goal is not reached.

The new ImagePress will be able to create standalone websites, like CGSociety, ArtStation, DrawCrowd, LayerPaint, 3DTotal, Blender Cookie, CG Hubs or Poster Spy.

The level of customization will include colours, fonts, templates, dimensions and switchable features. No two websites will be the same.

We have most of the groundwork done, we are still testing the plugin on several sites, and we need more testers. We also have a secret .plan, so, if you can keep a secret, here it is: some of our existing plugins will be merged into ImagePress and offer even more functionality.

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