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I’ll be blunt, I don’t like the new WordPress 4.7. I was there every step of the way, beta testing every update, every alpha, beta and release candidate. I don’t like where it’s going from my own point of view. I need it for small, brochure sites. 8 out of 10 of my sites have no dynamic sections, no extra tables, no additional database functionality. Hosting almost 40 sites on WordPress is a bit overkill. I don’t need more than half of its options, and I wrote a plugin to remove some of the functionality, but it’s still big.

I don’t need JSON, I don’t need jQuery, I don’t need emojis, I don’t need the Customizer and I don’t need 20 or more other features I can’t remember off the top of my head right now.

So, a month ago, I decided to try a flat file CMS. After a bit of research, I found Pico, a great, lightweight CMS with no database required. I gave it a try and I am still using it on a personal website. Coupled with an admin plugin, it’s doing its job. But I wanted a bit more, and Pico was going into a slightly different direction. That’s how I started my own flat file CMS, Hound.


Hound is very light, it works with .txt files (for now) and it’s live on two of my clients’ sites. No issues so far.

I have a very long list of items to do, and I intend to keep it light (even lighter than it is right now). It will be a brochure/presentation site CMS only. I intend to switch two other clients to Hound in January, as updates are going smooth. I have added a default template called Grey :) with the basic template files. The template structure of the default theme is:


You can see the WordPress influence here. One of the client themes has 10 page templates, 20 .js scripts and lots of .css files. It is lightning fast. I don’t regret a bit moving away from WordPress. Not for these small sites. We’ll see what the future brings.

Why Hound? Because it’s fast and because I’ve always liked the Greyhound bus cliché in American movies.


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