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Guest Blogger Guidelines

Guest Posting Isn’t Dead…

Want to become a getButterfly Inbound Original Author?

Our Inbound community is growing rapidly. If you have original ideas, inbound marketing expertise, and exceptional blogging skills, consider becoming an Inbound original author to gain some substantial exposure within the industry.

  • Original, unique, and fresh writing gets you a spot on the home page. If you want people to discuss your topic, give them something worth discussing. Your topic can be about anything that is marketing related. The best submissions pick a fight (posts that get comments earn 176% more views on average). So what questions and debates are there to be had?
  • Once your blog entry is live, we’ll pin it to the home page for about a day or so & feature it as an Inbound Original. We’ll also share it across our Inbound community and our social media outlets too.

We’re picky…

  • It might be AMAZING, but if it’s not a good fit for this community, we won’t be posting it.
  • It has to be well put together, proper usage of English grammar, sentences that flow and make sense, etc. (i.e. you have to know how to write). We don’t have the bandwidth to be writing coaches, so if a post doesn’t measure up, it won’t be published on the site.
  • It can’t be published anywhere else (if it is, we’ll know). No copycats allowed (it is an Inbound original after all).
  • No spammy “look how awesome I am” posts will be accepted.
  • We LOVE helpful, valuable, funny, conversational, narrative based, practical posts.
  • If you include a GIF = big win.
  • We edit almost all guest posts. This happens several times, before, during, and after they get published. It’s still yours, but we like to inject a little mojo here and there sometimes too, maybe fix some typos or add some additional formatting.
  • No one night stands. We want you to ENGAGE with the community in the comments section. Answer questions, provide feedback, and be available after the post goes up.

But wait… there’s more!

Before you send it our way, make sure that your post has the following elements:

  • An eye-catching headline: 
    Remember we’re all marketers, and we all crave quality article titles that attract and intrigue at first glance. Not too clickbaity though.
  • Proper attributions: 
    All data, quotations, and any other third-party content that is referenced in the article must be listed at the end of the piece.
  • A custom header image: 
    We want a header image with your name and title in it. If you don’t send an image, we’ll pick one for you, like a Sasquatch with your face on it.
  • Readable layout
    Please don’t send us 2 pages of block paragraphs. That’s boring and takes too long to edit. Use headings, sub-headings, bold, spacing, short paragraphs, bullet points, lists, etc. Lay it out in a way that keeps people moving down the page.

Submission & Acceptance  

Email your awesome entry to ciprian[at]getbutterfly[dot]com.

  • After reviewing your entry, we’ll notify you by email if we think it’s a good fit.
  • Please note that the Inbound team reserves the right to edit and adapt the original blog posts as we see fit.
  • If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks, sorry, we didn’t accept your entry. But don’t call us, we’ll call you. However, even if your first submission didn’t go through, we strongly encourage you to submit again – and as many times as you want after that.

That’s it…

We love this community and want to provide everyone who’s a part of it with useful, helpful, trending, unique content.

You ready? 
Happy writing!

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