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Initially, I wanted to call this article:

How to publish advertisement on your blog and attract more visitors in an intelligent manner.

But the title was too long, and had a certain Digg air. So I decided to shorten it. This article will describe how to publish advertisement on your blog in an intelligent manner. Firstly, you place adverts on a blog with the visitors in mind. Would you like to visit a blog full of adverts, and not find the actual article in the first 3 seconds? Neither do them.

So let’s take a look at some positioning and appearance tips.

First we have colouring and positioning of adverts. It is advisable to use total integration with the article, both in colour and in width of the advert. Links in advert should be the same as links in your blog. The ad must come naturally to reader’s eyes, so if he sees something interesting he will click.

Frequency of adverts should depend on the age of the article. The older the article is, the more adverts we see. An older article is more likely to be indexed by more search engines than a fresh one. So, posts older than 2 weeks should receive 1.5 to double the amount of ads. Traffic to these posts will come from search engines most of the time, while fresh articles will get visitors from other articles you are being backlinked from, provided that your article is a great link bait, or loyal visitors, who know your blog and come to check out what’s new.

Try these plugin, called Who Sees Ads from PlanetOZH, and experiment with frequency of ads.

Section targeting is also a less known method of emphasizing sections of your articles you would like to match with the adverts (Google AdSense only). If you have a great article and you would like to insert ads totally matching only that article, wrap the source in these tags:

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
Your article here
<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

Do not use too many referral or affiliate links and banners which do not match with the blog’s structure. Use affiliate banners of certain dimensions, both width and height for a consistent layout, and try using complementary colours. Do not turn your blog into an affiliate portal with lots of different banners, red, yellow, pink, blue, green, and more. Use more colors only if you think it looks on your blog, or if the affiliate web site does not provide a different colour.

Using these tips for the start, or reducing your overweight ad campaign should increase your overall earnings within, let’s say, 30 to 60 days.

All this advice depend on what niche your blog belongs to, the quality of the articles, the amount of traffic it receives, and the overall appearance of your blog.

Why I wrote this article? Because I see too many advertisement unoptimized blogs, full of affiliate and AdSense banners sticking out at you, just to click on them. This strategy doesn’t help. We all did this at least once. But as time passes, and the blog becomes older, and more powerful in his niche with each article and each comment, the professionalism should prevail and wrap the blog in a nice coat.

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6 thoughts on “Intelligent Advertising

  1. We have tried this with PR clients, but felt it was too pushy.

    I am not sure if there is a way to do this without it looking to desperate. Also I don’t think people have come round to the idea of adverts on blogs yet.

  2. Thanks for the google_ad_section_start tip. I didn’t know about that one. I guess you could also use that to hide menu, header, footer stuff for any website?

    Do you think people are actually making money off ads on blogs?

  3. Haha after asking that question I clicked on an ad on your site. ;)

  4. @Tom: Thanks, I am actually making money off ads on blogs, and I know several other bloggers making money, so yeah, it’s possible.

  5. I believe a well planned advertising campaign on a good traffic blog is more profitablethat adsense.

  6. Great post on integrating ads in blogs, we are working on integrating AdSense on our Article submission site. Is there any dollar amount per visitor that should be a target?

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