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Today I added a new widget (Wijit) to my blog. It’s called Lijit and it deals with searching information inside my blog and inside my social bookmarks, and even my blogroll.

Let’s see what Lijit really is:

When your readers search for information in real life, their first step is to typically seek out a friend for the answer. If their friend doesn’t have the answer they need, someone in that friend’s social network may. Eventually, they get an answer they trust, because it came from a source they trust. Your readers can now have that same experience on the web and it all starts with the source they trust. That source is you, the blog publisher.

What if your readers could search you and everything you’ve created for answers they’d trust?

Say you write a blog about all things TV. When your readers use Lijit to search you for “television”, the results might include blog posts you’ve authored about Tivo and HDTVs, as well as bookmarks you’ve made about next season’s programming lineups.

What if, when your readers searched you, their search would also include results from your social network and everything those people have created too?

Not only would their search return your blog posts and bookmarks, but it would also return blog posts your colleagues and friends have written about LCD vs. Plasma technology, bookmarks they’ve made about great sites to purchase HDTVs, and posts from blogs they read that discuss HTDV programming.

Using the power of people, their content, and their connections, Lijit enhances the way your readers search for and discover information on the internet. You serve as a filter for all of the results your readers could possibly receive, ensuring they only receive the most relevant results from the source they trust… YOU.

Just like it works in real life.

  • Alt Search Engines – “Search Engine of the Day – Lijit”

    “One search for “dentist Boulder Colorado” could return bookmarks to four dentists that your friends use, the web site of an oral surgeon that you father knows from school, and articles from online journals that that particular oral surgeon read last week! Maybe you better just try it out!”
  • Feld Thoughts – “The Lijit Wijit”

    “If you are a blogger, it’s time to consider implementing Lijit for your blog search. … The Re-Search feature is pure magic.”
  • widgetology!! – “Lijit search widget.”

    “A cool little widget i think, you can use it as a way of letting people search through all of the stuff you are interested in…”

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