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Internet Explorer 8 has been finally released. Some features are still missing. How do I know? If all the features would be in place, it would be called Firefox.

Snark aside, I’m curious to see the final features that made it into this final release.

Take it from here or wait for the automatic update.

PS: Posted from Internet Explorer 8

“Microsoft is not getting the response that it had expected from its Internet Explorer 8. The early users of IE8 are posting somber responses on Microsoft’s IE8 feedback page. The users who have tested IE8 are reluctant to adopt the new web browser. Some users have reported that IE8 is causing their systems to crash, while others have reported that IE8 is not loading and displaying some web pages properly and correctly.”


“First, they (the Microsoft designers) have added a better search feature. If you are looking for a particular word or phrase in a Web page, hold down the CTRL (Control) key and tap the F (Find) key. Immediately, a box will open at the top of the page and you just start typing what you are looking for. The CTRL + F keystroke combination has been in MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) for all of the past versions that I can remember but now it does more. It will tell you how many times the search phrase appears, will highlight the first occurrence and let you click “Next” to get to the next item. It also highlights all of the appearances in the document in case you just want to read through and see them.”


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7 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 8 Released

  1. I have access to a Beta version of Windows 7, I will be installing it later this week. Internet Explorer 8 comes with Windows 7, hopefully I am not disappointed; I know I won’t be. Regards!

  2. I think Mozilla Firefox is providing with more additions option for themes, appearance, additional gadgets, software application and so which is like a delight for customers as compare to WINDOWS explores.

  3. I just started using IE8 too and it seems okay. On the surface it doesn’t seem that different from IE7. I do like the new search feature though.

  4. Yeah, me too. And it looks nicer. I do web design and programming and I’m always testing everything in Internet Explorer 8. It seems fairer for the end user like this.

  5. I am maybe old fashion guy but Firefox is really much better then any IE. It can’t be compared, or it can and Firefox win for sure. This guys from Microsoft can’t admit to them self that there is still someone who can build better software for browsing.

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