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Will Twitter open the way for lots of microblogging startups? I read about lots of such startups these months and it seems to be very profitable. Well, at least until the niche saturates.

What is microblogging? I say it’s the opposite of blogging. It’s a platform where everybody comments but with no articles. Pour in a social networking component and there you have it. Twitter is not necessarily the trend here, it’s just one facet of this blogging aspect.

You can read more about Twitter in this book from O’Reilly Media, The Twitter Book, by Tim O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein. A sneak preview is also available here.

An older report (Q4 2008) is available from HubSpot. One thing that is different about this report though is that it is not based on surveys of a few hundred people.  It is based on real data pulled from hundreds of thousands of Twitter profiles accessed through the reports generated by Twitter Grader.

You’ll find many interesting things there.

So, have I convinced you to start up a microblogging business? Let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Is Microblogging A Trend?

  1. The recent microblogging trend only serves to remind me how mundane and boring my life is.

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