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As an independent web developer, I have to be very careful when analyzing my statistics. I have to be very thorough when optimizing or promoting one of my money-making web site. Google Analytics reports growth from 5,88% to 585,71%. Of course, I have my share of web sites that fluctuate more on the negative side, but they are less than the positive ones. Time is of the essence now, and among all paid contracts, my own network sites need a great share of attention.

A great example of blogging comeback is a fellow blogger, the owner of He had a gap in his blogging activity, but now he’s back and he’s bigger, better and meaner. His blog grew more thanks to his efforts, and not of his domain name keywords.

I still don’t have an answer to my question, but I think that this virtual crisis can be overcome by intelligent coding, clean environments and less ad-oriented web sites.

I have 5 domains standing by for more than a year, and I don’t have time to do something smart with them. I just wait to find some weeks off and I’ll start developing them further on.

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One thought on “Is There A Web Crisis?

  1. Yeah, there may be a bit of web crisis now. Thanks for this article, very nice.

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