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I’ve just fixed three sites by adding this jQuery code.

The reason is that the respective web sites had old (or deprecated)  plugins which stopped working when jQuery got updated to 1.9.x. So I’ll share with you what I learned.

If you get a “browser” related error when using your Chrome Inspector, add the following code to your functions.js file:

var browser = {
        chrome: false,
        mozilla: false,
        opera: false,
        msie: false,
        safari: false
    var sBrowser, sUsrAg = navigator.userAgent;
    if(sUsrAg.indexOf("Chrome") > -1) { = true;
    } else if (sUsrAg.indexOf("Safari") > -1) {
        browser.safari = true;
    } else if (sUsrAg.indexOf("Opera") > -1) {
        browser.opera = true;
    } else if (sUsrAg.indexOf("Firefox") > -1) {
        browser.mozilla = true;
    } else if (sUsrAg.indexOf("MSIE") > -1) {
        browser.msie = true;

Another approach would be to check for the error and fix it:

    var ua=navigator.userAgent;
        $.browser[c]=((new RegExp(c,'i').test(ua)))?true:false;
            if($.browser.mozilla && c =='mozilla'){$.browser.mozilla=((new RegExp('firefox','i').test(ua)))?true:false;};
            if($ && c =='safari'){$.browser.safari=false;};

The following line was reported to fix “msie” related errors (also visible in Chrome’s Inspector):

jQuery.browser = jQuery.browser || {msie: navigator.userAgent.match(/msie/i) ? true : false};

Based on which theme you’re using, or how the jQuery dependencies are loaded, you should load this code either before or after your main jQuery call. Just experiment.

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