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Heavy Typography

Ever since I arrived to Ireland, I noticed a diferrent trend in both graphic design and web design. Also, another big diferrence is in street signage, posters and store logos.

  • I noticed the use of capital letters, heavy types and square types.
  • I noticed aggresive advertising (or maybe it’s just normal advertising for them), in-your-face ads and sobre colours.
  • I noticed practicality and simplicity.
  • I noticed black and white.

While not always reflected in digital design, here’s an idea of most used fonts:

Most of the typography designs on Dribbble use the first font in this list, Gotham. See for yourself.

I’m not a designer per se, but as a UI/UX developer I really appreciate and look up to these designs, even if they seem native and not out-of-the-ordinary.

Along with the new flat design trend and long shadow icons, there’s a lot to learn from the Irish typography.

More sources:

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