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As I’ve had some previous experience (both pleasant and unpleasant) with link exchange requests, I decided to write a quick guide.

How often do you receive link exchange offers? Is it once a week, a month? Never? Every day? What are you supposed to do when you receive an email with a link exchange offer. First of all read it and see how personal does it sound. Try to imagine if the writer sent this email only to you or to hundreds of other webmasters (or blog owners). If the answer is yes, move on and check his or her site. Look at the design, the quality, the amount of visitors per month, the amount of ads on internal pages, the About page, and check out some other exchanged links. If you like it, and it’s in the same niche as you are, go for it, exchange links.

Don’t forget to check if the links have “nofollow” enforced. If this is true, and you still want to exchange links, you may want to activate “nofollow” attribute on you blog, too.

There are more things to pay attention for when you receive an offer. For example, the placement of your link: internal page, blogroll, hidden page (yes, there are), footer, and more. Also, you must choose wisely your anchor text. It should contain your keywords, and if the name of your blog isn’t long, include it, too.

Example: Butterfly Media Romania Blog – SEO, Marketing and Web Trends

If the name is too long, as in my case, lose the name. The keywords matter, anyway. Try to alternate and make your blog’s name the anchor text on another exchanged link.

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