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NoDoFollow is a simple firefox extension that highlights the links on the page, color coded according to their follow status. The extension installs into your tools and right click menu and highlights the links pinkish red for nofollow, and light blue for dofollow.

NoDoFollow – A Firefox extension

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21 thoughts on “Link Of The Day: DoFollow

  1. Right, I also installed that firefox extension. And it works well, I can identify the nofollow links. :)

  2. Funny name for this plugin. I would have expected the name of NoFollow, but no … this is nodofollow.

    Yeah, I know, some people will say that the plugin shows also the dofollow links and that’s why the combination. Still funny. If you think twice, NO DOFOLLOW (which is bad English) means NOFOLLOW :-)

  3. And then firefox 3 pops up and refused to support half the plugins :(

  4. Hi there… i added your blog today ^_^ thanks for visiting my blog and supporting do follow blogs ^_^

  5. I use a tool called Search Status. It highlights “no follow links” among other useful tools.

  6. I always wondered how people knew, I mean I would look at the code. This is really cool thank you.

  7. thank you for this code is very usefeul ..

  8. Wow, that is great for seoers.. Me, too.

  9. nice extension, installing it now.

  10. Starting any comment by that promotional phrase NOT related to the post but related to your furniture business makes you look like a spammer. If I would be the owner of this blog I would definitely delete your advertisements and ban you. Take care!

  11. Being able to find those dofollows is very important. That way you can find and post on a blog as wonderful as this.

  12. yeah, dofollow is a link love.
    maybe someday i’ll use dofollow plugin to increase my visitor and commenter.

  13. This is very much easier than “view source” and search =)) greatly apreciated.

  14. wow.. Thanks for sharing it with us, I have just installed this plug in in to firefox its sucha nice tool, ohhh wait minute it says your blog is a dofollow?

  15. I also use dofollow blogs for SEO.
    There are also a few tools that help you find such blogs.

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