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SeoDigger analyzes top 20 Search Results for each keyphrase in our database. Database is very large and consist of all popular keyphrases.

SeoDigger’s keyword database consists of 44 million unique keywords and keyphrases.

SEO tool for keywords number definition by leading site positions.

Parsed approx 60,000,000 keywords with depth of 20 first Google results!

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2 thoughts on “Link Of The Day

  1. You’re welcome. I’m in the phase of SEO testing right now, as for the end of 2007. I am already using the tools you have suggested.

  2. Thanks a lot for your review of Seodigger!
    I think you should also try our SeoQuake, seo toolbar. It can analyze anything you may need including keyword density on a page. – for Firefox. – for IE.

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