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One of the most important part of any software, be it a script, a web site, a blog or a program, is the user interface (UI). Apple has written the Human Interface Guidelines, and has recently updated it for the Leopard Edition.

Apple has the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X, which combines a powerful core foundation with a compelling user interface called Aqua. With advanced features and an aesthetically refined use of color, transparency, and animation, Mac OS X makes computing even easier for new users, while providing the productivity that professional users have come to expect of the Macintosh. The user interface features, behaviors, and appearances deliver a well-organized and cohesive user experience available to all applications developed for Mac OS X.

These guidelines are designed to assist you in developing products that provide Mac OS X users with a consistent visual and behavioral experience across applications and the operating system.

See the Apple HIG online here or download the PDF here.

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2 thoughts on “Link Of The Week

  1. You are preaching to the converted! Particularly after the launch of Vista, back to Apple for all sensible users.

  2. No, it’s not that. It’s just the guidelines, the graphics, the rules. I was searching the Internet for some user interface inspiration and I bumped into Apple’s guidelines. ;)

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