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I’ve had some problems lately with one of my blogs. Being fresh and with lots of content, I started monetizing it and installed AdSense. Te blog is about culinary recipes, and some of my AdSense ads showed sexual oriented content and some Jesus-related ads. So, not related to my blog content. While searching for a solution to my problem I found AdsBlackList, which helps advertisers to increase their ROI by blocking MFA (made for ads) sites which yield little or no return on their investment, and publishers (like myself) to identify and block rogue advertisers that use keyword arbitrage to steal valuable traffic, and cut out my earnings, too.


Later Edit: On the submission form on they’re asking me for the URL to report. How am I supposed to do this when I cannot click on my own ads? What I did was right-clicking inside the ad’s iframe and selected info. I found the site title, and a Google encoded URL address like:

So, there it is my blacklist address. Use Mozilla Firefox to view the ad’s iframe source and info.

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  1. This is a great tip. Thank you.

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