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Today we have 4 more links for you.

$timator is the first one. It estimates the value of a domain name, taking into account it’s content. I did some evaluations and my TLD is worth 8,066USD. Quite a value, isn’t it? I don’t sell it anyway, but it’s a great idea to check it’s value every month to see how it rises (or falls).

I Want This Website is a review site with mostly WordPress themes. Nice design and nice inspiration place.

And, finally,  we have, a new blog dedicated to WordPress and blogging content, where the author provides quick, clear and easy WordPress how-to, tips, resources, tutorials, tips, themes and blog reviews.

The last link is WPscoop, some of you may have heard of it. It’s a WordPress social news and bookmarking engine.

It takes one click to discover them. Don’t forget where you found these links in the first place.

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10 thoughts on “Links Of The Day

  1. WOW! You have made my day. Seriously! I have spent months and months building a worthless website….until now. I just wish I could REALLY sell it for what the $timator says…$24,384 . Maybe i’ll offer it to the $timator for half the price and see if they take me up on my offer. If they do, then we can believe that they believe in their valuations. If they turn me down, we know it’s a load of…

    Thanks again for that. Everytime my wife nags me about all the time i’m spending on my worthless….i mean gold mine, I shall refer her to my evidence :o)

  2. Yeha very useful information, this is both good reading for starters and experts , have quite a few good key points, and I learn some new stuff from it too, thanks for sharing your information.

  3. it called Links of the Month really great source of links you provided, we got stunning stuff after click to discover.

  4. Great links, thank you for sharing.

  5. I have been looking forward for such great links. Eventually I have these with me. I thank the author for highlighting: $timulator, I want this website, and WPscoop for the benefits of users.

  6. You can also try – a free tool that provides a nice summary of the website performance.The estimation provided by estimix is the result of a complex analysis based on factors like: the age of the website, the demographic structure of the traffic, the countries where the website is popular and sources of the traffic.

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