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What makes your day? A great web site solution discovered while boringly surfing the web. This week’s links are:

thumbizy []

This web site offers an instant thumbnail generator for web pages with improved cache features. Currently in Beta state, it is a very promising solution. I might use it (after some thorough tests) for my new blog directory, Blog Tycoon. Generate a thumbnail for Butterfly Media Romania Blog here.

Tabbloid []

Tabbloid turns your favorite feeds into a personal magazine. Using data syndicated from RSS, it generates a PDF file looking like a professional e-book, or like a newspaper. It can also schedule an email to send with your version at specific time intervals.┬áIt’s free and no account is required.

KeyXL Keyboard Shortcuts []

Here at our most popular list of keyboard shortcuts are Windows XP, Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft and Photoshop. If you click on each link you will see a list of keyboard shortcuts for that application. As far as we can tell have the largest collection of keyboard shortcut lists found anywhere on the internet! If you find a site with more please let us know!

Issuu – You Publish []

Browse magazines online. While some compare it to Scribd, Issuu is a magazine reader (either paid or free) with features like library, API, branding and more. You can also upload your own magazines.

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