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Somewhere about 15 years ago, I started using computers and Internet. I begin by playing Quake 1 and Red Alert 1. Those were good times! Then I got bored of playing 24/7 like other people and I started delving into the secrets of HTML 3 and 4 and JavaScript. I used Netscape Composer to create tables and write paragraphs and titles. The only database engine (that I heard of) was ASP (Active Server Pages). I had no idea of JSP, and I can’t remember if PHP and MySQL existed at that time (and I don’t want to look for it online now – it’s late and I’m tired).

I remember that the first “dynamic” page was a local/country portal with crops, animals and farms. It had lots of pages and drop-down menus (regular default ones, not CSS).

Later, I moved from Quake and Red Alert to strategy and TBS games, such as Heroes, Lord of the Realms and Diablo. I still love those games. I started developing an AD&D game based on all games I’ve ever played or read about. I gathered hundreds of items and wrote them down in a big copy book. The intention was to port them to an HTML/JavaScript engine. I had all kind of stuff from AD&D family, such as items, riddles, adventures, campaigns, traps, NPCs, a realm map (composed of all the realms in all AD&D campaigns at that time), and many, many more. The map was drawn by hand by me, coloured and explained in detail. Later on, I took over the Dawn project. I still have it somewhere on a backup CD.

What’s with all this story? I just remembered things while I was off the last week being ridden by a bad cold.

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11 thoughts on “Memories Of A Butterfly

  1. Yeah, and a lot of more from that time.

    Duke Nukem and Doom, internet without google, slow internet speed, and a lot of text instead of good design …etc

  2. Absolutely right! Duke nukem in a network game with friends. Remember how we used to wait and synchronize all players before starting game?

    Good ol’ times.

    You know, a good design can have a lot of text , too. It’s the text that gets to be designed.

  3. Duke Nukem! Now that was a good time. Funny I tried playing it the other day, and couldnt stand it for more than 5 mins. Funny how times change.

  4. Hmmm, where are the butterflies? I like the pic by the way.

  5. I took the photograph for a photo project. You can see more on my Flickr profile. Just see the bottom right widget.

  6. Red Alert was the best game back in the day. Even though online play was horrible, it was still one of the best games ever.
    I have tried the new versions and they just dont compare.

  7. Oh how I miss those first game sessions with Red Alert and Quake and Doom. Never got the same feeling when playing new games these days. Still remember how many hours I tried to get few computers linked together so that I could play them with my friend in a LAN game. Oh memories are so good among games. Love playing still but the first react feeling is lone gone. Hope the new generation of players can get the same feeling and hope they dont’t get a overload of quality games these days.

    Very nice desing of this blog. Gotta read it again I will.

  8. Duke Nukem was great!! cant believe how modern technologie is now. boy how the times have changed huh?

  9. Red alert was an amazing game. I played that at my friends house for hours at a time. Duke Nukem I have not yet explored though. When I was like 5 or 6 that was the first game I rented and my mom didn’t know what the M rating was. It ended up giving me nightmares for weeks and we returned it. Have not played it since.

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