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The Mobilize plugin for WordPress gets a CSS3 refresh. The Javascript is now gone, the jQuery dependency is now gone, and the IE compatibility is no longer necessary, as mobile phones use either Webkit-based or Safari browsers.

Based on some recent Google Insights scores, I have decided to merge all FontAwesome calls in my plugins into one enqueued script, with an ID of fa. This means that, if you’re using more than one of my plugins, you’ll only have one enqueued FontAwesome stylesheet instead of more.

Additionally, I’ve renamed and compressed the included CSS file, gaining 25.4% (1.64 KB GZIP compression).

By using CSS3 only, I had to use hardware acceleration for Webkit-based browsers, by using extra CSS declarations. One of them is still experimental and not fully implemented, but it will be ignored by older browsers.

Last, but not least, the injected menu code is now smaller and does not use any WordPress walker classes.

= 2.0 =

  • PERFORMANCE: Removed all Javascript
  • PERFORMANCE: Compressed CSS (25.4%, 598 bytes savings, 1.64 KB GZIP compression) []
  • MOBILE: Added hardware acceleration by default
  • MOBILE: Added experimental will-change CSS3 property (
  • FEATURE: No more clickthroughs, all menus are available on the first screen
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed and cleaned up unused options
  • IMPROVEMENT: Plugin’s options are now more concise
  • IMPROVEMENT: FontAwesome for all plugins will have an ID of fa in order to avoid multiple enqueuing

Mobilize Options

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