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It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. I just woke up and I decided to go out and get some inspiration. The city was waking up, vehicles, people, dogs, cats. I also noticed how dirty my city can be. I also noticed some new shops and a nice tower getting built somewhere around where I live.

It’s good to walk in the morning air. I really got inspired for about 10 articles. I went home after 2 hours and started writing. And checking my web accounts.

Oh, I’m really sorry I did not get my camera with me, to get some photos of my city, but I’ll do it next week. Actually, speaking about photos, I have a great idea for a web site, but I’ll keep the secret until I got some real information.

I upgraded some of my blogs to WordPress 2.6.1. Everything went smooth as always. WordPress is great.

I installed Windows Live Writer and I’m testing it right now. It’s really useful when I’m not online and I don’t want to use text documents.

See you around.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Inspiration

  1. I do this too..

    But i leave in the country side of Italy and mornig walks can be fun and inspirational with all the green surrounding you.

    Hope you post pics of your city soon.


  2. I like your blog and the articles.
    Which town in Romania do you live in?
    I know Transilvania very well, at least the area around Sibiu. Have spent most of my childhood’s vacations there with my grandma and grandaunts and -uncles. This was from 1958 to 1971 and I could write a whole novel about my experiences I made with the “officials” at that time. But nevertheless I enjoyed my vacations during these 13 years.

    Would like to know more about living in Romania today. Perhaps we can chat one day about it.

    Kind regardxs

  3. Sometimes the city can be great early in the morning before most people are up. Its quite except for a few people. It can be really nice and somber. I used to open a Star Bucks at 5:00 and I would get to see it everyday. I don’t miss having to get up that early though.

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