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I’m running some AdSense optimization on my web sites and I’m trying to decide where to my readers click the most. That’s where I should concentrate my efforts. The key is to place an image ad to drw their attention. You might ask if that’s not dangerous, as the image ad might lead the visitor to another web site and lose him. Actually, I’m counting on my visitors’ loyalty, and I’m sure they’ll come back.

I’m also tracking my ads and my statistics and I’m quite happy with the bounce rates.

The 468×60 ad is quite common and visitors tend to ignore it. Their place is taken by the wide ads (300×250) which seem to be the best earners. I’ll try to change some of my ads and add more towers, as I’ve seen some good earnings at some of my friends.

Another graphic improvement is the rounded corners feature the AdSense provides. It’s a nice twist if used with contrasting colours, and it really draws your attention if your theme uses rounded corners.

Another thought just came up and I decided to test some variations. I’ll try to use a single AdSense ad unit on some of my web sites to increase my CTR.

What’s your secret recipe for ad placement?

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One thought on “More AdSense Tips

  1. thanks for this tip, am new in adsense and i dont have experiences yet. so im still on learning stage but definitely i will bookmark your blog for more new post. thanks

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