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Nothing reflects a CEO’s ideas and strategies more than the company he leads. And nothing offers a quicker glimpse of an organization’s image than its logo. So it comes as no surprise that last year’s corporate branding and re-branding served a broad range of chief executives’ strategic purposes. New leaders often expressed their presence with a broad change, while veteran CEOs brushed away cobwebs to create a fresh start. Some trademarks were born from mergers, some from acquisitions; many were simply attempts at renewing a brand. So how successful were the most recent crop of logos—and, consequently, CEOs—at accomplishing their new missions? Some more than others.

This is exactly what intend to do. As my main web site changed design, the corporate identity process stalled. It even went back. I’m still working on creating the manual, so stay in the neighbourhood.

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3 thoughts on “More Branding Research

  1. This is interesting that how is this process really important, and I took a look at the Vehicle Branding and I liked how they defined everything too,

    By the way, I saw that you changed your logo, I believe it looks better now!

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks, it’s going to be a longer process, as I have to rebrand everything related to Butterfly Media Romania, starting from web sites, to client web sites and software.

  3. It is interesting that you mentioned that Corporate organisations are refreshing their logos. An Identity for a Company or Business should last for sometime but there does come a point where after a period of time a refreshed version is required so as to not appear as dated and behind with the times. Often this refresh takes the existing concept and applies modern design styles to it which works really well as people can still recognise the Identity that the Company has worked hard to build a good reputation with and the Company logo no longer looks outdated.
    .-= MJ Stapleford Corporate Identity’s last blog ..Logo Design for Company based in Bristol =-.

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