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After the release of Super Mario, entirely written in JavaScript, Nihilogic releases Super Mario Kart. The road rendering looks scarily 3D to me! With a little more parallax scrolling, and some more JavaScript, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some great skies, beautiful backdrops or even a 3D building popping up along the road.

It uses the canvas element to do most of the rendering and should work in both FF2, FF3, Opera(9.27 and beta) and Safari 3.1.1. There are a few glitches in Safari in the kart sprites, but other than that it should be playable. Also, if you’re using WebKit nightly builds, make sure you’re using the latest, as some of the recent ones had some canvas problems. I haven’t even considered getting IE support, sorry.

I see a comeback of all those fake 3D games, side-scrollers and action games I used to play when I was young. The Mario series looks great in JavaScript, and with the rise of canvas in major browsers, the future looks bright.

I’m looking forward to see the Contra game done in JavaScript.

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5 thoughts on “More JavaScript Games!

  1. If you like those “games we played when we were young”, re-implemented in JavaScript so you can play them in the browser, you should have a look at Jangaron.

  2. This is great stuff considering its Javascript but the music is all dodgy and I am not entirely satisfied with Mario handeling :D

  3. Wow. THat is pretty cool stuff for JS. I am truly impressed. I’m not surprised the sprites look good. What I am surprised about is the smoothness of the movement. I agree with you, the movement definitely has an ‘scary’ kind of 3D effect.

    I saw a Flash version of World of Warcraft that was pretty cool (a side scroller version). I didn’t really play it much, but the movement was pretty cool. Not much of a surprise when dealing with vector graphics.

    If this type of game development can be done in JS, it bodes well for the future of small game development. Well done!!

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