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As my web directory is virtually flying and receiving an average of 30 links per day, I opened up a new niche link directory.

Built on the same engine, phpLD 2, this one focuses on niche links. Success will come nevertheless.

This comes after my restaurants, bars and cafes niche directory started. A humble beginning with few links, they will both prosper in the late 2009. What they need right now is heavy promotion.

My first link directory (the one that’s flying, remember?) has received subcategories. It started to fill up and the links needed better organization. So, subcategories came into play. About 3 subs per top level category. They begin working almost instantly. I also rearranged the interface to have a clean layout on the front, and an ad-powered submit page.

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6 thoughts on “More Projects In Development

  1. I am sure that I would tell about this sex portal to one of my friend who is always horny :-). He would be all day on this.

  2. Yes, I will check it out, too. I am colaborating with 2 webmasters in some related business.

    John´s last blog post..Basarabia

  3. That is a good niche, sex sure sells! Keeping it clean will be your big challenge, but with a solid marketing plan I am sure you’ll have great success. I look forward to seeing this develop!

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