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One of the developers on the Microsoft Internet Explorer team focuses on AJAX features for IE8.

One of the AJAX improvements we adopted in IE8 from HTML5 is AJAX page navigations. In IE8 mode, we provide support for script to update the travel log components (for e.g. back/forward buttons, address bar) to reflect client-side updates to documents. This allows a better user experience where users can navigate back and forth without messing the AJAX application state.

One of new features in the next version of Internet Explorer (IE8) was created specifically for AJAX applications and can add significant functionality to Silverlight applications as well.  Here is the description of the feature (from Better AJAX Development):

In IE8 mode, Internet Explorer treats window.location.hash updates like navigations and saves the previous document URL. The following actions occur as a result:

  • The previous URL, which may be from the previous hash fragment, will be updated in the Address bar, Back button and other browser components.
  • A “click” sound will play as if a traditional navigation occurred.
  • A new hashChanged event will fire.

In a Silverlight application, an issue that affect usability is that the Back/Forward navigation buttons are not used because all of the “paging” and navigation occurs in the context of a single page.  This can be problematic because people are used to seeing their page history and navigating their page history.  This new feature in IE8 can enable a Silverlight application to both add these pseudo page-views to the browser history and lets the user navigate among those page views and easily deep link to them.  These techniques make the most sense for Silverlight applications that provide a full-page browser experience.

Read more here and here.

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One thought on “More Web Standards To Come

  1. I love Ajax, this is good news. IE8 is another issue altogether though. Firefox is my web browser of choice, and has been for many years already. IE just doesn’t do it for me!

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