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What makes the SERPs of MSN different from those of Google, Yahoo! and other major search engines, is the hunger for frequently updated web pages. This hunger is fortunately a positive aspect, and on its search engine help page, MSN actually indicates that pages which are frequently updated will receive higher rankings than sites that do not update regularly. So bloggers, go ahead and write top quality articles!

Updating a web site (a blog is a web site, too) should be made regularly, that is weekly, if possible. Updating could be commenters heavy activity, not even posting an article every week. Every month at least, not more. Updating is content. More content. Lots of content. Quality content.

In conclusion, this is the main focus of MSN since it is aware that consistently good results on its page will result in repeat users (which is what we all want, isn’t it?).

Last year, statistics revealed that MSN was the first search engine in United Kingdom. All computers bought there had Microsoft Windows preinstalled and MSN was the homepage of Internet Explorer. Why bother if this happened only in UK? Well, UK is a pretty big market, line leader, and, besides, there are other countries which heavily relies on MSN as a search engine.

Emphasize quality. You must write effective theme-based content. Let your information be unique and valuable; keep an eye on your niche and write your content with your keywords in mind, aiming for a keyword density of about six to eight for every hundred words. Your first paragraph, enclosed in H2 tags, must describe the content of the rest of the web page. It should contain a higher keyword content than other pages.

Keywords in the URL are extremely important, coming in at a full 85% of the top ten sites ranked. Other tags that MSNBot looks at are header tags, alt tags in images, or the title attribute in links.

Avoid large and heavy graphics. Use CSS-based layouts, use icons and maximum 3 pictures per page (unless you have a small gallery). Have your page structured in subtopics, such as services, products, blogs, testimonials, pictures, dont’t mix them and don’t interlink them too often. A clean and accessible navigation system will do the job.

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One thought on “MSN Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks (Part 2)

  1. I havent really cracked the msn codes.

    Yes, everyone knows msn is very popular since all windows pcs have it as the home page.

    Yet it has’nt been able to send me substantial traffic even on keywords that i have top rankngs for on google.

    Maybe i should look into it more.

    Thanks for ou post.


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