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MySQL 6.0 is in alpha version and is available for testing. MySQL 6.0 supplies more reliability, performance, and ease-of-use enhancements, starting with the new Falcon transactional storage engine. The main features of Falcon are crash recovery, user-defined tablespaces, high-speed data caches, performance/diagnostic monitoring tables, simplified configuration, and many more.

The following features have been or are expected to be added to MySQL 6.0:

  • The new Falcon transactional storage engine.
  • Support for additional Unicode character sets: utf16, utf32, and 4-byte utf8. These character sets support supplementary Unicode characters; that is, characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP).
  • BACKUP DATABASE and RESTORE statements for backup and restore operations.
  • Improvements in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database, with the addition of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PARAMETERS table, and new columns added to INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES.
  • Optimizer enhancements for faster subqueries and joins, including batched index access of table rows for sequences of disjoint ranges by the MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines.
  • RESET SLAVE no longer changes replication connection parameters; previously, it reset them to the values specified on the command line.
  • The syntax for the LOCK TABLES statement has been extended to support transactional table locks that do not commit transactions automatically. Following LOCK TABLES ... IN SHARE MODE or LOCK TABLES ... IN EXCLUSIVE MODE, you can access tables not mentioned in the LOCK TABLES statement. You can also issue LOCK TABLES statements that acquire transactional locks many times in succession, adding additional tables to the locked set, and without unlocking any tables that were locked previously. When using LOCK TABLES with IN SHARE MODE or IN EXCLUSIVE MODE, tables are not unlocked until the transaction ends.Transactional locks acquired with LOCK TABLES are released when the transaction ends, either explicitly with COMMIT or ROLLBACK, or implicitly due to a statement that causes implicit commit or because the connection ends.The behavior of LOCK TABLES remains unchanged for READ or WRITE locks (that is, when not using IN SHARE MODE or IN EXCLUSIVE MODE).
  • Enhancements to XML functionality, including a new LOAD XML statement.
  • Support for extended comments for tables, columns, and indexes.

Falcon combines the world’s most popular open source database with a modern transactional engine designed especially for high-traffic, online, transactional applications and systems storing information such as pictures and scanned documents.

Falcon in MySQL Server 6.0 is a next-generation engine designed to make optimal use of modern large-memory multi-CPU/multi-core hardware. It is fully ACID, MVCC-compliant, and supports online parameters, tablespaces, automatic file extension/space reclamation, and distributed transactions.

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