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Yesterday I received a mail from Google Analytics about their new benchmarking feature. I usually use Analytics on my English blogs and sites, and no other tracking service, so I got interested and read the news.

We’re also happy to announce industry benchmarking as the first new feature available to those who opt to share their data.  Benchmarking lets you compare your metrics against industry verticals.

Sounds interesting so I tried to find out more.

Benchmarking is an optional Google Analytics service that shows how your website’s statistics compare against other industry verticals. In the beta version of this service, you are able to compare your site’s Visits, Pageviews, Pages per Visit, Bounce Rate, Average Time on Site, and New Visits data against benchmark data from categories of other participating websites. You can use this data to gain broader context for your site so you can identify additional opportunities to improve your site’s metrics.

That’s a really interesting point of view. How my blogs compare against my competitors. I activated the service and I’ll have to wait about 2 weeks to receive the first reports.

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4 thoughts on “New Analytics Features

  1. It would be of great interest to me and I am sure, to many other readers, if you could share with us your formula to decide who is your competitor. Bench Marking is all very well when your business is in direct and definable competition. How do you find this in the blogsphere?

  2. What can I say? My competitors (for this blog, for example) are the other bloggers talking about marketing, web, Google, AdSense, and stuff. I will also add the bigger bloggers to my list (I still don’t know how the benchmarking feature works, and I hadn’t time to play with it, I’ll have to wait 2 weeks.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  3. I feel like the benchmarking tool is very useful to people who are basically in the dark to as how their competitors rank or how much traffic they receive.
    For people who are a little bit more savvy there are tools that can give you estimates on individual websites traffic, page views, etc…
    In the meantime check out my large inventory of:
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  4. I saw that too. It seems like the type of thing half of all people will hate and the other half will love. Definitely has its advantages and disadvantages.

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