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Roo Link Directory reached version 4.0.1. After going out of beta, several issues appeared, but, as opposed to the 3.x version line, 4.x and above relies on WordPress custom post types and taxonomies.

The latest update brings the following changes:

= 4.0.1 =

  • Added URL address and name to notification email
  • Added a better country selector
  • Added a text link inside Roo link editing panel for quick visit
  • Added two more translated strings
  • Fixed IDs of submission form
  • Fixed rating system appearing inside posts, too
  • Fixed deprecated query argument
  • Fixed a missing closing tag
  • Moved all CSS styles in one styesheet
  • Rearranged some code
  • Removed the entire SEO/SERP section due to CURL errors and performance degradation

Here’s a quick help with shortcodes:

  • Use the shortcode tag [roold page="add"] in any post or page to show the new link form.
  • Use the shortcode tag [roold page="search"] in any post or page to show the search form.
  • Use the shortcode tag [roold page="summary"] on your frontpage and display recent links with or without Google Maps and a short directory statistics.
  • Use the category shortcode – [roold category="My Category"] – to display a certain category.
  • Use the link shortcode – [roold link="My First Link"] – to display a certain link.

What’s behind my decision to delete the SEO/SERP section? Well, several benchmarks revealed higher speed with the functions disabled, also the CURL alternative was fsockopen(), and sometimes users had them both disabled. This caused errors. Also, the links to Google and Bing were deprecated, and webmasters now rely on other sources to find backlinks and indexing statistics.

I’m still working on several screencasts regarding installation, first steps, and advanced configuration.

As always, find the directory here (demos, screenshots and download links).

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