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Google has some cool new features in store for its Webmaster Tools. With a fresh and improved appearance, AJAX, CSS and JavaScript, Google digs deeper into web sites’ statistics.

The queries used to find a web site in search results can change over time. Your web site content changes, as do the needs of all the searchers out there. Whether the queries associated with your site change subtly or dramatically, it’s pretty useful to see how they transform over time. Top Search Queries now presents historical data and other enhancements.

Previously, the data showed query stats for the last 7 days. Now you can jump between 9 query stats snapshots ranging from now to 6 months ago. Note that the time interval for each of these snapshots is different. For the 7 day, 2 week, and 3 week snapshots, we report the top queries for the previous week. For the 1 to 6 month snapshots, we report statistics for the previous month. And still others of you who log in may notice that you don’t have query stats data going back to 6 months ago. – Information available on Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Another big problem was the update frequency (now shown graphically). I had web sites (not blogs), with daily updates, and the Webmaster Tools didn’t send te Googlebot to check it. Even if I pinged Google. Even if I resubmitted my sitemap. The Google response was eventually:

Common feedback we hear from webmasters is that you want us to improve the freshness of the data in Webmaster Tools. Understood. :) We’ve increased the update frequency for your verified sites’ data, such as crawl, index, and search query stats. Much of this data depends on the content of your site. If your content doesn’t change very often, or if you’re not getting new links to your site, you may not see updates to your data every time you sign in to Webmaster Tools.

So another problem might be new links. Googlebot acts strangely sometimes, and even if you do update your content, you should also find new backlinks. As a matter of fact, this should be the main priority: getting backlinks.

Another problem, which still persists, is the Google search engine embedded in your sites. I change my content daily on one of my sites and I decided to implement the Google Co-op Search. Everything worked out smoothly, as it should. But when I searched for something that I removed a few days ago, even more than a week, the search returned results long gone.

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  1. Well, my erxperience with Google Webmaster Tools are just great! I get new, insightful results every day. I love Google Webmaster Central! ;-)

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