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Lighthouse 2.1 brings some new features and squeezes a little more juice out of your WordPress site.

Leaving aside the usual bug fixes, we have three major features:

Zen Mode

What is Zen mode? It’s a set of options which┬áremoves most of WordPress-related clutter, notifications, dashboard meta boxes and filters. It also removes some (mostly) unused taxonomies, such as link categories and post formats and declutters the admin bar. You can use this option for client sites, where you want to remove the WordPress logo and the avatar function and make the backend looking more CMSy. Okay, that’s not a proper word, but you know what I mean.

Option Grouping

In order to better debug features and optimize performance, lots of similar options have been grouped together. Instead of checking multiple options, we now check one and apply all optimizations to one section only.

Lighthouse - Cleanup Attributes

Note that properly coded themes won’t have any issues when these options are checked. They are safe. If you notice any issues, such as missing animations or misbehaving menu structures, just disable the option.

Scripts/Styles Update

With the move to HTTPS, Lighthouse was enqueuing two HTTP styles, Entypo and Pure CSS. I have switched to and for proper HTTPS delivery. No more restricted (or mixed) content. I have also removed the Open Sans check, as WordPress 4.6 will default to system fonts, and updated the normalize.css library to latest version (4.2.0).

Get the updated version from CodeCanyon or read more about Lighthouse.

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