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I have moved hosting for The reason for this decision was that the site was getting more and more traffic and pageviews have doubled this year, compared to the same time last year, and my highly tweaked and resource-rich shared hosting plan was not enough. Also, I have set up some memory intensive web demos for several themes and plugins. I am now the proud owner of PHP 7 and HTTP/2. I am now looking into OCSP stapling to shave off almost a second from my load time.

OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) is a protocol for checking if a SSL certificate has been revoked. It was created as an alternative to CRL to reduce the SSL negotiation time.

OCSP stapling is supported on Apache HTTP Server (>=2.3.3) and Nginx (>=1.3.7) so I’ll have to wait a couple of months until I go full Apache 2.4.

Check out instructions for how to enable OCSP stapling on your server here.

Back to hosting migration, it was a bit of a bumpy ride. I caught DreamHost with their pants down, as they were having another issue and couldn’t fix mine. Basically, as I have HSTS enabled, I needed an SSL certificate from the start. They offer Let’s Encrypt for free on their VPS servers, but I had my own certificate. I wasn’t able to install it on the first try as I needed certain details I didn’t have access to. After a while of live chatting and escalated tickets, I decided to try Let’s Encrypt. Bad luck again, as something happened and the certificate generation got stuck. I wasn’t able to remove the certificate and adding another one yielded no results. My site was down for 19 hours, until I decided to try again, clean things up, reset stuff and reinstall my certificate. I did it and my site was back up! But the tickets remained. The next day, they decided to “fix” stuff and removed my certificate and add a test one, instructing me to readd my original one, as their tests were successful. I did it.

The next day, they decided, again, that they should remove my certificate and add a Let’s Encrypt one. I’m happy with the current setup, but not with how they managed the whole situation.

All in all, it was a good move. I do recommend them.

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