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The current theme has been changed due to some inconsistencies and source deprecation issues in the last one. This one is based on Whiskey Air 0.8.2, enhanced for WordPress 2.7. Whiskey Air is a theme framework, very easy to work with, and after some minor tweaks, modifications and enhancements, will be released as 0.9.

Random advice:

  • Do not use CommentLuv and IntenseDebate together. It won’t work.
  • Zemanta plugin looks like spam to me.
  • Use All In One SEO Pack and canonical URL will work like a charm.
  • Branding is the key. The secret. The power. I will show you.
  • The stylesheet needs some more tweaks.

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5 thoughts on “New Theme In Development

  1. “Do not use CommentLuv and IntenseDebate together. It won’t work.” I did not know this, thanks for the heads up!

  2. it sounds interesting. It is good update.

  3. So when should we expect to see the new theme live on the website? Will you be posting an update on the developments?



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