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So, you have finally upgraded your Noir UI theme to version 5. If you did not read the warning, you might have lost your homepage configuration. We widgetized it.

So, head over to Appearance -> Widgets and start adding back your content.

Let’s see how we’ve set up our own demo page:

Noir UI Widgets

The first widget contains 2 text boxes:

The first one contains these shortcodes:
Note that these categories are post categories, not image categories. Use them for a blog, or a magazine section or an article feed. They all require featured images.


[noir-hero category="short-stories"]

[noir-carousel categories="fiction, books, short-stories"]

And the second one contains these shortcodes (for demo purposes only):

[noir-box size="one_fourth" color="#03A9F4"]one_fourth
Lorem Ipsum[/noir-box]
[noir-box size="one_fourth" color="#8BC34A"]one_fourth
Lorem Ipsum[/noir-box]
[noir-box size="one_half_last" color="#FF5722"]one_half_last
Lorem Ipsum[/noir-box]

Note that you don’t need to tick the “Automatically add paragraphs” checkbox.

The third widget contains these shortcodes:
Note that you might need to adjust the URLs and the image size.

<h1 class="homepage-header"><small><i class="fa fa-upload"></i></small> Recent Submissions</h1>
[imagepress-show limit="14" count="14" size="imagepress_sq_std" sort="no"]
<h4><p class="right"><a href="">Browse all uploads</a> <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-right"></i></p></h4>

<h1 class="homepage-header"><small><i class="fa fa-folder"></i></small> Collections</h1>
[imagepress-collections count="4"]
<h4><p class="right"><a href="">Browse all collections</a> <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-right"></i></p></h4>

<h1 class="homepage-header"><small><i class="fa fa-star yellow"></i></small> Favourites</h1>
[imagepress-show category="featured" limit="14" count="14" type="random" size="imagepress_sq_std" sort="no"]
<h4><p class="right"><a href="">Browse all favourites</a> <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-right"></i></p></h4>

Note that, in our demo, the second and the fourth widgets are empty. Feel free to add your own content.

The remaining widgets are used for the footer (3 columns) and for the mobile/responsive menu. You can add any content you want.

Enjoy the update and stay tuned for the next version!

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