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Monday, 12th of May 2008 is the official blog clean up day. What is this day, you ask? The other days I was cleaning up my blog, and removed some old code, plug-ins, some useless widgets and options from my blog. I stumble upon too many “dirty” blogs these days, full of widgets, slow-loading scripts, ads, ads and more ads. I tell you from experience that only 25% of the ads placed on one’s blog are profitable.

You’re welcome to prove me that I’m wrong. Until then, clean up your blog, and place a banner to show it off. In addition share with us what you removed. We really ought to clean up our blogging mess. We’ve got visitors.

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13 thoughts on “Official Blog Clean Up Day

  1. Well, your blog looks clean. No useless widgets or banners. The AdSense block fits perfectly in there. Don’t let the dark side take over your blog. ;)

  2. @Jenny, your blog is quite cool. You don’t need to clean it up. But, please, do spread the word. There are thousands of other blogs needing clean up.

  3. My blog is one of the cleanest blogs on the web :-)
    Take a look:
    Absolutely no ads, only information. However, it is true that the goal of that blog is not the direct income ;-)

  4. Thanks for the invitation to clean up my blog ;) Sometimes we’re just too busy creating contents and ignored the layout of our blogs. hehe.

  5. I recognize the need to clean up my blog! I have been planning out how I am going to do this. In the past I was too quick to make changes and reretted the out come. I may not be ready by May 12th but, I will try!

  6. wow do I really need to clean up my blog? I’m sorry.

  7. I have been running into a lot of the “mess” you have referred to above and I acknowledge that my blog will probably benefit from a clean-up. Count me in. :)

  8. Thank you for joining this project. Please, do use the banners in my article.

  9. Thanks for the invite. I’m working on a new theme that I hope will be simple and clean in looks and code… so I’ll probably wait until I implement that. Otherwise it would have been a great exercise to clean up my blog.

  10. I think your blog is just cool. But is necessary though that you remember to do house keeping once in a while just to ensure you blog remains as clean as you want it.

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