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These days a lot of freelance work is happening online, often internationally and often without you and your client ever meeting. Thanks to the web we now have access to a much larger client pool which is great news, however it does present a whole raft of new problems in terms of payment options and trust. Laws about payment, fees and facilities for transactions and legal fallback for chasing payment all differ around the world.

Taking Payment with PayPal, Escrow and other Online Options

Another alternative recently discovered is online payment by Western Union. I will dig deeper to see if it’s reliable and secure.

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4 thoughts on “Online Payment Alternatives

  1. Yes, it is time some one like Western Union got into this under serviced area of international payments. I look forward to your report after your digging deeper into it.

  2. Well, its probably an easy sell when someone has been reading your blog for a year or so!

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