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I’m working on 2 custom CMSs, and doing some research and development for a 3rd one. The first two are online shops with more custom pages for details, information, products and other static data. I’m using an older online shop script I’ve written 4 years ago, and I’m discovering some major bugs and other things that need fixing. One the online shop script is ready, I intend to make it open source and place it on the home page.

The third web site is for a friend’s band and is currently in a development loop, it’s based on Joomla and it looks really ugly. The designer may be bored. So, I thought I might use WordPress, as the client wishes a theme switcher script, and WordPress has plenty of them as plugins. And, moreover, for the client’s needs, Joomla is way too complex than WordPress. And I have no experience with Joomla.

As a personal project, I will turn Blog Tycoon into a themes repository (open source of course). I have many WordPress themes I’ve worked on, and I will move them from the blog and the main corporate page. It will be split into 3 parts: framework themes, regular themes and premium themes (also free). The domain was lying around without a decent idea for it, and I started to doubt if I should renew it. But the themes idea seems very appealing.

You can follow me on Twitter, though updates are rare.

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