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OversightOversight, efficiency, control. A list of attributes used to describe web behaviour. Why am I talking about this? It comes a moment in the life of every connected user when he/she needs to decide if he/she is on the right path. If all the efforts are successful, either on short term or on long term.

It’s high time you decided to compact your web activity and focus on a certain path, the most successful one. Success is based on traffic, interaction and feedback. Also, on general knowledge and experience.

Again, why am I talking about this? Because I started compacting my web activity, while simultaneously increasing the number of random accounts on forums, community blogs and social networks. Major changes are on their way, and major web players are continuously changing their game, while following a certain pattern. If you can see this pattern, you win. You are able to leverage your entire web presence on one web asset, at your choice, be it a personal site or a personal product.

It requires a bit of thinking, a bit of math, a bit of programming and user behaviour knowledge. Stay on

It’s happening.

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