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November 29th is the “Pay a blogger” day.

One day a year, let’s all give back to bloggers!

“Bloggers are seldom after just fame and fortune. But they do give up an awful lot of their spare time to make their readers smarter, happier or simply more efficient in killing time.

Many fans are very good at reciprocating by spreading the word, commenting, buying bloggers’ wares or even making donations. But it’s a tiny drop in the ocean compared to what we spend on ad-filled magazines or tips to waiters that are unfriendly if not rude.

So what if ALL of us gave something back to bloggers, even for just one day. Buy their T-shirt, the book with affiliate links or make a donation.

They’ve sure deserved it.”

Here’s my take on it:


By the way, if you need a PayPal donation plugin, just ask.

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