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We all know that images tend to load quite slowly, especially when using AJAX pagination. This was my case, and because it was a backoffice system, I decided to go with small script and load the images after the DOM was ready. This way, I could apply some smart CSS styling.

This is the main function:

function loadVisibleImages() {
    jQuery('img[data-src]').each(function() {
        this.src = jQuery(this).data('src');

This is how I called it:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

And, finally, this is how I called the images:

<img src="placeholder.png" data-src="your-image.jpg" alt="">

placeholder.png could be a transparent PNG with a CSS-styled background, such as a rotating preloader icon or image. It could also be a black image with a white text saying “Loading…”, or even a progress indicator icon.

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