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How long is a small bog considered small? One month, 2, 3, 6? One year? Compared to big blogs, they will always be small. How long does it take for a blog to become trustworthy and what does it take? Is it luck? Is it SEO? Is it marketing? Let’s talk about this.

Starting a new blog is very easy. But writing regularly and having something to say in a particular niche is very hard. A powerful blog does not report facts. A powerful blog does not give thousands of links in thousands of posts per day. A powerful blogger writes articles, not posts.

On a powerful blog you can find everything you are interested in, even in its early days (or at least you should), about SEO, affiliates, programs, advertisement, software, and more. A powerful blog teaches you how to do things with your blog. A powerful blog’s articles vary in title from “Top Ten List Of Useful Blog Networks” to “How To Develop Your Blog” to “Thoughts About Marketing”. It plays roles in all topics from a certain niche.

A powerful blogger comments on other bloggers’ articles and has something to say, not just the usual “Good advice, keep it up!”. A powerful blogger gets involved in other bloggers’ activities. A powerful blogger help other fellow bloggers, even if they have just started.

A powerful blog has a powerful blogger behind it.

What do you think a powerful blog is? I want to hear your opinion.

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3 thoughts on “What Does It Take To Be A Powerful Blogger?

  1. As a branding agency I like to go out and scour the net fro really great articles. It’s tough to find one that’s right on point and yours is. Thanks for the read and keep up the good work.

    Scott White
    The BIG Kahuna

  2. You have to be unique and to have your very own writing style, not just copy and paste like a lot of people do today.

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