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I’m getting ready to launch a touchscreen application for an e-commerce site, browsable on a Raspberry Pi device. The application is written in pure HTML5, jQuery and a heavy MySQL database, nothing fancy here. I currently have one of the two ordered Raspberry Pi devices, one for the touchscreen, one for personal purposes (probably IPv6 hosting). There are no screenies for you yet, as the application is in alpha state, and the device is blank, as in no operating system is installed.

This is going to be a different adventure, installing either Ubuntu, or the official stripped down Debian version, dubbed Raspbian. The requirements are not that high, and games such as Quake 3 are able to run (not tested by me, a hardcore ;) Quake fan). First two weeks after releasing it, 40,000 Raspberry Pies were purchased, the majority of them in Great Britain.

I’m highly enthusiast about this, as the entire operating system and every application installed will be stored on a memory card. The USB slots will surely welcome a portable USB hard disk, in order to store various information.

The most important thing is that there is no risk of electric failure for attached peripherals, such as USB sticks, hard disks and audio devices.

Back to my project, the touchscreen application is under heavy development and images will follow pretty soon.

Till then!

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