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There are 3 standard operating procedures to insure quality while designing and coding web pages:

1. Development Phase
2. QA Phase
3. Maintenance/Additions

Let’s see in detail what each of them is doing.

1. Development Phase

Compatibility testing measures how well pages display on different clients; for example: browsers, different browser version, different operating systems, and different machines. At issue are the different implementations of HTML by the various browser manufacturers and the different machine platform display and rendering characteristics. This testing must be performed during development, not after.

All sites must be compliant with the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 6.0
Firefox 1.0
Mac Internet Explorer 5.2

Meet compatibility with the following browsers if necessary:
Safari 1.0
Opera 4.0
Netscape Navigator 7.0

2. QA Phase

Performance testing generally describes the processes of making the web site and its server as efficient as possible, in terms of download speed, machine resource usage, and server request handling.

Validation is the term for verifying that the HTML code in a file meets the DTD (Document Type Definition) for any particular version of HTML. This is important because strict adherence to a DTD specification ensures the best likelihood of any file being fully supportable by a browser that follows that DTD.

3. Maintenance/Additions

Integration tests are performed when new code is added to an existing code base; for example, when a new function is added to a set of existing functions. Integration tests measure whether the new code works – integrates – with the existing code; these tests look for data input and output, correct handling of variables, etc.

An unofficial 4th phase in some isolated cases would be Beta-testing. Using hired subjects, the web sites undergoes some heavy testing, and bugs and errors are logged and handed down to the lead programmer.

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